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Within the present dissertation, determinants for authentic CSR, process and outcomes are explored. A three-paper multiple method examination has been conducted, including a conceptual paper framework (Chapter 2), a structural equation model (Chapter 3), and MANOVA analysis (Chapter 4). Chapter 2 extends literature on when, why, and how professional sport organizations (PSO) can develop authentic CSR activities that can have a long-term positive impact on stakeholders. Chapter 3 advances literature on identifying the relevant dimensions of CSR that are supported by the fans rather than using a more holistic approach will advance our understanding of the relationships between different types of CSR activities and its consequent social outcomes. Chapter 4 extends the body of literature in sport management by investigating how cultural dimensions influence fans’ perceptions of CSR domains. This study provided theoretical contributions and empirical evidence for the possibility that professional sport organizations could improve their CSR approach by performing individual-level assessments and by meeting their expectations and preferences.



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Agyemang , Kwame

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