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The purpose of this study is to look at the contribution of Motown Records within music history and American history, as well as why it should be of great importance to those who study 20th century music. It tends to be overlooked in the world of academia, despite efforts to bring the subject to the forefront of today’s classwork and courses at the collegiate level. It is not so much that it does not exist, but it is not nearly as prevalent as it should be, seeing as its contribution to music history and history in general is so innovative. The goal is to find parallels between this subject matter and that which is heavily discussed in academia: Schoenberg and his cultural contribution to 20th century music. It is extremely important that his methods of composition and cultural background be discussed. However, if similarities are made and proven that certain struggles are apparent, and that art was the means to break those molds, then it would be a step in the direction.



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