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Andrei Eshpai was one of the most renown composers who drew on the Mari folk music traditions, within the confines of Western classical music. One of the main purposes of the research is to show how the Mari folk music was applied in Eshpai’s compositions for the viola. In the current research, I will explain the similarity between folk music of Mari and Hungary because the researched composition Hungarian Tunes by Eshpai is based on Mari tunes, however is called Hungarian Tunes. Another purpose of this research is to provide musical analysis and a performance guide for the compositions, where I will write about some aspects of learning process like technical difficulties and how to solve them, while searching for timbre, interpretation and meaning. Also, as an addition to the viola repertoire, I have made a transcription of the Hungarian Tunes for the viola and piano, which can make the repertoire of every violist expanded.



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Goldstein, Elias