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The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the life and music of Mexican living composer Eduardo Gamboa. This study intends to fill a void on the research of Gamboa. This document provides detailed biographical information, information about the influences on his music, and an edition of Transparencias for violin. The first chapter provides a broad biography of the composer including his musical formation, folk experience, and a complete catalog of his works. The second chapter is an introduction about Transparencias and contains the point of view of the composer and of the flutist Tadeu Coelho, to whom Gamboa dedicated this piece. The following four chapters explore the folk influences on his work Transparencias, including an analysis and performance suggestions from the author; this section describes the folk genres from which Gamboa took his inspiration, provides historical background, an explanation of the instruments, and musical characteristics of these genres. Finally, the last section of this project includes the author’s edition for solo violin and strings of Transparencias, originally for solo flute, violin, viola and cello. The author believes this would be an important input for the Mexican violin repertoire.



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