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Chapter 1 is an introduction to the design and synthesis of regioisomerically pure phthalocyanines, their properties and characterization. It also introduces various concepts adopted for improvement of phthalocyanines biocompatibility. Chapter 2 covers the design, synthesis, characterization, photophysical and in vitro biological evaluation of alpha-(trimethylamine)-zinc Pc-folate nanoparticles, synthesized via anion exchange procedure. The phthalocyanine folate exhibited increased aqueous solubility. Chapter 3 describes the synthesis and characterization of a PEGylated phthalocyanine. Pc-protein conjugation parameters using BSA as a model protein are determined. Using these parameters, Pcs are conjugated to a monoclonal and polyclonal antibody. The antibody and Pc-antibody conjugates are characterized, evaluated in vitro, and in vivo. Chapter 4 describes the synthesis of Pc analogs of a Pc-isothiocyanate. Alkyl, biotin and peptides with amino functional groups are conjugated to the template in an addition reaction. The targeted or non-targeted Pc and its analogs are characterized, evaluated in vitro, and in vivo. Chapter 5 describes the synthesis of regioisomerically pure mono- and cis-di-substituted Pcs. These serve as templates in an alkylation procedure for the synthesis of a series of isomerically pure compounds.



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