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The music of Dave Brubeck encompasses diverse classical and jazz styles from around the world. Due to the eclectic nature of Brubeck’s music and the difficulty in categorizing his style, little has been written about his compositions. This document will aid musicians in better understanding his suite Points on Jazz, a work for classical piano.

The first chapter examines the development of Brubeck’s style from his early childhood years until 1958, the year he composed Points on Jazz. The second chapter details the background of this piece and some of its influences, including Dziekuje, the piece upon which Points on Jazz is based. The third chapter presents a performance guide outlining stylistic, artistic, technical, and interpretive considerations, including score comparisons from other works which may have influenced Brubeck. The fourth chapter summarizes Brubeck’s style and provides an overview of this style in some of his other compositions.

This study proves that Brubeck’s music cannot be defined by any established style but rather is a unique convergence of many different styles. This monograph will lead to a better understanding and interpretation of Points on Jazz and can be used as a resource for further studies of Brubeck’s classical compositions.



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