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Two-Part Invention (2014) is David Stock’s only work for solo vibraphone. Although Stock has a vast amount of solo and chamber works for percussion instruments, his music is not well known in the percussion community. The primary goal of this document is to serve as a gateway to his percussion music. This document is intended to explore his music through an analysis that highlights the main features of his compositional process. It also explores the technical and musical demands within Two-Part Invention. My research starts with a short bio on David Stock, highlighting the main accomplishments of his career as well as his passion for contemporary music. The analysis portion of this document examines the form, rhythmical features and harmony. In addition to my own personal study of Two-Part Invention, I studied the compositional techniques used by Stock particularly in his percussion writing, including pieces such as Duo Dynamic, U-Turn, Three Vignettes for Marimba, Rosewood Reflections, Shadow Music, Red Stick Ripples, Circling the Square and Double Bars. The performance guide concentrates on mallet choice, playing area, stickings, articulation and range issues. I provided sticking suggestions as well as pictures with the exploration of playing areas. This document includes a list of Stock’s works for percussion as well as an outline of my pedaling suggestions.



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