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The present document is a requirement for the Doctoral of Musical Arts degree at Louisiana State University. First, I will present the biography of the Composer Adolfo Mejía, ordered in five different cities where his career was developed. Later, I will describe some aspects of Colombian traditions. I do this with the intention to better understand the composer and some of the pieces entitled with indigenous dance and rhythmic names from different parts of the country. There will be an emphasis on two regions out of six, those more closely related to Mejía’s life. In the same way, I will present a list of the works composed by Mejía. This is not by any means conclusive nor definitive. It is the result of combining the dates of composition, their instrumentation, and the availability of their scores. Additionally, I will make a performance edition of four of his compositions. Similarly they are all chamber music: two of them for two violins, cello and piano, another one for just cello and piano, and lastly an original composition for violin and piano, for which I have made a simple transcription for cello and piano. These pieces are short in length but rich in content. In them, one finds traditional rhythms in a more sophisticated style.



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