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This document presents a brief biographical sketch of Augusta Read Thomas, an examination of Ring Out Wild Bells, To The Wild Sky, an extended work for chorus and orchestra, and an annotated survey of her choral works. By examining the choral works, exploring her life and the context from which the music originated, and interacting with the composer, one can gain an understanding of the practical and musical issues of performing Ring Out Wild Bells, to the Wild Sky. Despite Augusta Read Thomas’s significant standing in American music, there has been surprisingly little written about her choral compositions. Thomas (b. 24 April 1964) has become one of America’s most prolific female composers. She began her music study at a very early age and her career as a composer and performer prospered as she received many awards and honors throughout her life. Thomas’ Ring Out Wild Bells, to the Wild Sky, commissioned in 1999 by Norman Schriber and the Choral Arts Society of Washington DC, was one of her initial efforts as a choral orchestral composer, and has been performed within the United States and abroad. This work has attracted critical acclaim within recent years.



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