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This document serves as a resource guide for the unaccompanied choral works of Vytautas Miškinis, with texts by Rabindranoth Tagore, including pertinent background information, structural information, and accessibility considerations for the conductor. Additionally, there is a study of Miškinis’s compositional style according to the works in this guide that includes biographical information. Vytautas Miškinis (born 1954) is a Lithuanian conductor and composer currently published by several international music publishing houses. He is also a member of several juries for international choral competitions in addition to his duties as a professor of conducting at the Lithuanian Academy of Arts in Vilnius. His choirs have toured and competed throughout Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia since the 1970s. Virtually unknown at the turn of this century, Miškinis’s music has quickly found an audience with American and Western European choirs. His works are primarily sacred, as Lithuania is a Catholic nation, and has written over 700 works including: motets, masses, and cantatas. However, this study looks at the music inspired by the poetry of Rabindranoth Tagore, the Indian polymath poet. Tagore wrote a collection of poems called Gitanjali, which means song offerings. Beginning in 1999, Miškinis began setting the music of Tagore and has since produced a large cache of works based on this poetry. Some of the more significant works are the collection: Sonnets of the Angel of Death and 5 ‘When I…’ A Cycle of Miniatures.



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