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This document is a performance guide of Jean-Yves Malmasson’s Opus 6: Trois poèmes de Charles Baudelaire for medium voice and piano and Opus 30: Les fleurs du désir, a chamber cantata for soprano, violin, cello and piano. Chapter 1 discusses the life and solo vocal works of Jean-Yves Malmasson. It contains biographical information as well as a discussion of Malmasson’s general compositional approach, his influences and his treatment of text, an analysis of the text that the composer wrote for Opus 30. Charles Baudelaire and selections from his volume of poems, Les fleurs du mal, is the focus of Chapter 2. Biographical and general information are included. Chapter 3 discusses Opus 6: Trois poèmes de Charles Baudelaire and Opus 30: Les fleurs du désir, beginning with the text of each song with English translation, followed by an overview of each song, detailing basic characteristics (vocal line, range, tessitura, metric organization, key scheme, rhythm, accompaniment and level of difficulty). Musical examples are included in order to highlight some of the more interesting characteristics of each song. Following the conclusion and bibliography, appendices provide a complete listing of Malmasson’s vocal works, the complete texts of Opus 6 and Opus 30 with translations and a phonetic transcription, email interviews, and a letter of permission from the publisher, Musik-Fabrik.



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