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Since the invention of the clarinet there have been instrument repairmen and technicians who have properly maintained and serviced those instruments. This project presents the life and work of Mark Jacobi, one of the most influential clarinet repair technicians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It connects the lineage of clarinet repair in Philadelphia and the life and traditions of Hans Moennig with the work currently being done in Mark Jacobi’s repair workshop. This document outlines the evolution of the clarinet barrel from its early incarnation as an attached extension of the mouthpiece section to its modern state as a "reverse-taper" design perfected by Hans Moennig. It also presents an apprentice training guideline used by Mark Jacobi with commentary support from Melanie Wong, Jacobi’s most recent apprentice. Interview based, this project contains perceptions, experiences, and commentary from Mark Jacobi’s closest friends, clients, and colleagues. Professionals including Deborah Chodacki, Sam Caviezel, Mark Nuccio, Greg Raden, and David Gould share their personal experiences and perceptions in order to tangibly describe the quality of Mark Jacobi’s work. In all, the document attempts to humanize a figure of contemporary legend in order to be accurately portrayed and received by future generations.



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