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Channel equalization has been extensively studied as a method of combating ISI and ICI for high speed MIMO data communication systems. This dissertation focuses on optimal channel equalization in the presence of non-white observation noises with unknown PSD but bounded power-norm. A worst-case approach to optimal design of channel equalizers leads to an equivalent optimal H-infinity filtering problem for the MIMO communication systems. An explicit design algorithm is derived which not only achieves the zero-forcing (ZF) condition, but also minimizes the RMS error between the transmitted symbols and the received symbols. The second part of this dissertation investigates the design of optimal precoders which minimize the bit error rate (BER) subject to a fixed transmit-power constraint for the multiple antennas downlink communication channels under the perfect reconstruction (PR) condition. The closed form solutions are derived and an efficient design algorithm is proposed. The performance evaluations indicate that the optimal precoder design for multiple antennas communication systems proposed herein is an attractive/reasonable alternative to the existing precoder design techniques.



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