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This dissertation reports on several quantitative analyses of bullying victimization among U.S. high school students. The methods employed are secondary analysis of survey data originally collected by the National Center of Education Statistics through the Educational Longitudinal Study. The data analyzed are a nationally representative sample of U.S. high school sophomores from the year 2002. This report contains six chapters. Chapter 1 introduces public and scholarly interests on bullying victimization with a specific focus on approaching bullying from a sociological viewpoint. Chapter 2 reviews scholarly research that motivates each analysis in the report. Chapter 3 presents an analysis which is focused on gender differences in bullying victimization. Chapter 4 presents an analysis of bullying victimization disaggregated by racial / ethnic groups. Chapter 5 presents an analysis of bullying victimization among Latino students with specific attention being paid to immigration status and school location. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 all contain sections related to previous literature, methods, findings, and discussion of findings. Chapter 6 summarizes the main findings from each of those chapters and reflects on the similarities and differences between the main findings. Chapter 6 also discusses the shortcomings, contributions, and implications of the research.



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