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The purpose of this research is to provide an introduction to the living American composer, Tania Leon, and a detailed analysis of Indigena, her work for large chamber ensemble. Chapter One includes Leon’s biographical information, focusing on her cultural heritage and her dual careers as a composer and conductor. Chapter Two details her compositional style, illustrated by examples from selected works. Subsections focus on her compositional practices with regard to rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, and form, as well as the prevalence of jazz and Latin American influences in her work. Chapter Three analyzes Indígena from a theoretical perspective and makes reference to relevant elements of Leon’s compositional style. Of specific importance is her employment of the octatonic collection, as well as jazz and Afro-Cuban material. Chapter Four reexamines the work with regard to issues pertinent to the conductor, including rehearsal and interpretive suggestions. It is the author’s hope that this information will assist conductors in understanding the work and describing to the ensemble the essential elements of its construction, so they may then have the information necessary to generate a compelling performance.



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