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Among the many challenges faced by the new collegiate voice teacher is the assigning of appropriate music literature. There are numerous published guides to aid in this area, but they vary greatly. Some provide large amounts of literature and very little information, while others give more information but deal with a predetermined set of songs. What if the young teacher knew the core literature being used by veteran voice teachers from around the country? In order to address this problem, information was gathered from eight major music institutions chosen by a survey of voice faculty at Louisiana State University. At each institution, information was collected from a span of ten academic years, beginning with the Fall of 1999 and concluding with the Spring 2009. The German Lied programmed at the undergraduate level was chosen as the genre to be surveyed, since a survey of all literature at all levels would create massive lists of information and would create a guide similar to those previously mentioned. From this survey, the top fifty songs were determined by usage. These songs were then placed into a pedagogical guide containing what was thought to be the most helpful information. This gives the voice teacher a new tool to aid them in training future generations of students.



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