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This document is a performance guide to Elisenda Fábregas’ "Five Musings on the Past" for soprano and piano. Fábregas is a celebrated Catalan-American composer and concert pianist. Highly influenced by the Spanish tonalities and rhythms of flamenco, she has written compositions for piano, woodwinds, strings, guitar, choral, orchestra, symphonic band, and solo voice. Chapter one discusses the life and compositional style of Fábregas. Chapter two lists the premieres and influential poets behind Fábregas’ solo vocal works. Chapter three discusses Fábregas’ musical settings of her original Spanish poetry in Five Musings on the Past. Musical examples for each song are presented to demonstrate Fábregas’ use of poetry and musical gesture when recalling a past event. Furthermore, the composer’s suggestions and recommendations for the performance practice of each song are included. A conclusion, a bibliography, and an appendix are included. The appendix contains the full text of Five Musings on the Past with a translation, and an original phonetic transcription by the author. Transcripts of interviews, program notes by the composer, a list of her solo vocal works, and letters of permission are also included.



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