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My interest in the history and problems of the Bulgarian composers' school and specifically in the establishment and development of the Bulgarian violin concerto goes far back in my musical career. The Bulgarian composers and their concertos had essential contribution to my development as a violin player and greatly influenced me over the period of my formal education. It is important to notice the very specific and original nature of the Bulgarian music culture. Bulgaria did not exist on the political map of Eastern Europe because of the fact that it had suffered the turmoil of the Ottoman Empire for almost five centuries. Without its political and economical freedoms Bulgaria was greatly influenced by the Orient, as some thought that this specific cultural impact had very little to offer comparing to the level of European classical music at the time. Nevertheless, the theme of the establishment and development of the Bulgarian violin concerto is relatively new, as complete studies on it are missing or unreleased. There are not enough monographs that investigate and give us satisfactory information in this particular area. For these reasons especially, I think that such absence of research on the topic of the Bulgarian violin concerto would be a valuable prerequisite of my dissertation.



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