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Min-Chong Park (1918-2006) was one of the most prominent musicians in Korea and was influential internationally as a performer and teacher. As a composer, he left a large output including string works, vocal works, and short pieces for piano. The combination of the traditional and the modern is the most distinctive feature of Park’s compositions. Park applied traditional Korean performance techniques to western instrumental music, especially when writing for string instruments. The purpose of this research is to provide knowledge of Korean traditional music in selected violin works by Korean composer Min-Chong Park and to bridge the gap between western Classical music and Korean traditional music. I will concentrate on the performance methodology for Park’s violin repertoire, which reflects his enduring interest in Korean philosophy and culture. Park’s music successfully blends Korean traditional folk music and his own personal musical style, which is why it is helpful to the performer to have both sufficient background information about Park’s own musical ideas and thorough knowledge of the characteristics of Korean traditional music. Also, this paper will introduce Korean traditional music and instruments and provide Park’s biographical information.



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