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This study investigated the barriers to technology integration of teachers that are technology proficient and work in school settings where Type I barriers, such as lack of access, insufficient time to plan, and lack of support, have been systematically removed. The results of this case study are intended to provide practical recommendations for practitioners such as technology coordinators, principals and teachers, and recommend future areas of study. The participants in this qualitative study consisted of eight teachers, three principals and one technology supervisor. Six of the eight teachers were interviewed, and all eight were observed teaching a lesson that utilized technology. The observations were rated using the Technology Integration Matrix. The findings from this study implicate that time for professional development is the barrier that needs to be overcome, and that the professional development should be designed to match the current level of technology integration and the current beliefs of the teachers concerning professional development. Further study into the digital disconnect should focus on how to connect what teachers know about curriculum, students, and teaching to what they know about technology.



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