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In this paper, I will outline a method of composition that I believe has been highly under-used in jazz composition. I have studied the work of composers Ron Miller and Maria Schneider, and have used their concept of brighter to darker modes to further my modal exploration. With explanation and musical examples, I will explain two possible ways to achieve 12 modes that progress from bright to dark, and then from dark back to bright. Another purpose of this paper is to provide a compositional aid to other composers interested in this concept and the subtle shades of major and minor that can be created. To help aid in composition, I have included appendices, which will show all possible modes for any given bass note or for any given Ionian mode. I will also show practical uses of this method by giving examples of it in my own compositions. Explanation will also be given as to how this method can be used to derive traditional tertian harmony from a simple modal voicing and therefore give the composer the option of keeping a composition purely modal or writing a composition that can be viewed as more traditional.



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