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In recent years, feeding disorders have been described in detail, and various assessment and treatment methods for these disorders have been reported. Within the literature, an emphasis has been placed on functional variables responsible for the onset and maintenance of feeding disorders, yet little has been reported on the relationship between feeding disorders and other forms of psychopathology. Therefore, the relationship between depression and feeding disorders was assessed. Three groups of individuals were compared across subscales and individual items on the Screening Tool for Feeding Problems (STEP) to assess for differences in problematic feeding behavior. Individuals who met diagnostic criteria for a mood disorder characterized by clinically significant symptoms of depression (n = 18), met DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for a Pervasive Developmental Disorder (n = 18), and those without a DSM-IV Axis I diagnosis (n = 18) were included in the study. Significant differences were found across diagnostic groups for STEP subscales and/or items representative of aspiration risk, food refusal, and nutrition related behavior problems. Feeding disorders varied across diagnostic categorization, and underscore the need for further research that assesses the relationship between feeding disorders and other forms of psychopathology.



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