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This volume addresses two particular lacunae in the scholarship concerning the intersections between Martin Heidegger, politics, and the political. First, it traces the politico-philosophical path that Heidegger took as he moved on to more ontic considerations after publishing his master work – Being and Time – and identifies three significant ‘moments’ in that progression : the Communitarian and Authoritarian moment; the Moment of Place and Polis, and the Defensive Moment. Second, it presents a robust vision of a nascent ‘politics of care’ in Being and Time, dependent upon three key elements: authenticity (Eigentlichkeit), Dasein-with (Mitdasein), and a special type of care (Sorge) – authentic solicitude. The politics of care described herein additionally has several Aristotelian elements, including the notions of human flourishing, práxis, poiēsis, and phronêsis.



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