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The study was designed (1) to describe college seniors demographically, (2) to assess college seniors perceived level of career-decision making self-efficacy (CDMSE), (3) to examine the relationship between the participant’s CDMSE scores, as measured by the subscales of the Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale – Short Form© (CDSE-SF), and selected demographic characteristics, and; (4) to determine if a model existed to explain a significant portion of variance in CDMSE based on the selected demographic characteristics. The sample consisted of 382 college seniors attending a four-year public university completing the application for graduation process in the 2002 fall semester. Along with the CDSE-SF, each student also responded to demographic items. In order to determine if relationships existed, results were analyzed by the use of an independent samples t-test, Pearson Product Moment correlation coefficient, or the one-way analysis of variance procedure where appropriate as deemed by the nature of the independent variable. The overall results revealed significant findings among students’ reported level of CDMSE by gender, number of times student changed major, and college major choice. Multiple regression analysis was performed on each of the dependent variables (subscales of the CDSE-SF) and all of the independent variables (the selected demographic characteristics). The independent variables ethnicity, marital status and college major choice were transformed into new variables due to the lack of response in many of the respective categories under each variable. Multicollinearity was detected and assessed. One of the transformed college major choice variables had to be removed from the analysis. The stepwise entry method was used. All regression analyses produced significant equations. However, the amounts of variance explained were considered minimal. It is noteworthy to report that the variable whether or not the student was enrolled in the College of Education was found to be a predictor of CDMSE on all subscales. Based on the findings of this study further research is needed to determine which aspects of demographics influence CDMSE. Additional study is also suggested to further define prediction values of demographic characteristics on the confidence level in making career-related decisions of college seniors as measured by the CDSE-SF.



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