A preliminary comparison of two perennially ice-covered lakes in Antarctica: Analogs of past Martian lacustrine environments

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Perennially ice-covered lakes in the Antarctic have been suggested as analogs to lakes which may have existed on the surface of Mars 3.5 billion years ago. During the 1991-1992 austral summer, a joint Russian/American research effort was directed at studies of ice-covered lakes in the Bunger Hills Oasis, Antarctica (66° S, 100° E). The primary objective of the expedition was to investigate this ice-free area for features analogous to ancient martian environments that may have been capable of supporting life and to compare the ice-covered lakes of the Bunger Hills with those in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of southern Victoria Land (77° S, 166°E) as part of the continuing studies of Antarctic-Mars analogs. © 1994.

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Advances in Space Research

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