Dynamic support by the Iceland plume and its effect on the subsidence of the northern Atlantic margins

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A transect of drill sites across the East Greenland margin made by ODP Leg 52 provides important new data on the subsidence history of this margin, complementing earlier ODP and DSDP drill sites on the conujugate Hatton Bank, as well as the Voring Plateau. The subsidence results are interpreted to reflect dynamic support of the North Atlantic rifted margins by the Iceland plume, with the greater support at the East Greenland sites reflecting their position closer to the plume centre during the initial post-rift period than those on the Hatton Bank or Voring Plateau. The subsidence data are in accord with models of a large plume head of 1000 km radius but cannot resolve between models proposing arrival of a pre-existing plume into the area during the late Palaeocene, rather than the incubation of a new plume under the area at that time. -from Authors

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Journal - Geological Society (London)

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