Geologic response to hurricane impact on low-profile Gulf Coast barriers.

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Vertical aerial photography obtained in 1976 and again 9 days after hurricane Frederic made landfall in September 1979 combined with multiple reconnaissance overflights and ground surveys provided the data base for determination of shoreline erosion and the distribution of hurricane scour and sedimentary deposits. Erosion of the Gulf beach at Dauphin Island proved to follow a predictable pattern controlled by nearshore bathymetry whereas retreat of the shoreline of the Mississippi Sound margin was an unexpected occurrence, apparently due to a hydraulic jump as washover currents entered the deep water of Mississippi Sound. Large-scale sediment redistribution on Dauphin Island proper was a consequence of the storm surge flood, However, the ebb surge was responsible for the reopening of 3 inlets across Little Dauphin Island.-from Authors

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Transactions, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies

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