Use of fly ash and metakaolin in wellbore cementing to prevent alkali-silica reactivity of amorphous Si-rich components

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This study looks at the effects of metakaolin (MK) and fly ash (FA) on alkali-silica reaction (ASR) prevention as well as mechanical and petrophysical properties of light-weight wellbore cement containing silica-based microspheres. The helium gas porosimeter and liquid pulse decay permeameter was used to determine the porosity and permeability of samples respectively. Micro-indentation was used to determine Young's modules and Hardness values, and Scanning Electron Microscopy was used to visualize the microstructural changes. The cement petrophysical properties are enhanced by addition of MK and FA, observed in permeability and porosity reduction, as well as in more dense microstructures. Final conclusions show that both metakaolin and fly ash can prevent reactivity of glass based microspheres in light weight wellbore cement, but metakaolin is more effective in doing so.

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Transactions - Geothermal Resources Council

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