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© Materials Research Society 2020. Dissolution of oxides in aqueous solutions is fundamentally important for a range of applications and a critical process that determines the chemical durability of industrial ceramics, the performance of nuclear waste forms, and the chemical weathering of minerals. The thermodynamic equilibrium and kinetics of dissolution reactions are key to determining the rate at which oxides dissolve. The increase in collaborative research across disciplines in materials research necessitates a common background to tackle shared scientific problems across different fields. This review selectively examines the fundamentals of dissolution theories that have been developed in chemistry, geochemistry, and materials science, and assembles them into a single collective document for the broader materials science community. Applications of the theories are highlighted using examples from specific areas, but can be similarly applied to other areas. Challenges and future research needs for a predictive-level understanding are discussed in light of the current literature.

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Journal of Materials Research

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