Submissions from 2022


Elevated pCO(2) changes community structure and function by affecting phytoplankton group-specific mortality, Peixuan Wang, Edward Laws, Yongzhi Wang, Jixin Chen, and Xue Song

Submissions from 2021

Making the Case for Regulatory Science in Agriculture, Danesha G. Seth Carley and Kevin L. Armbrust

Mosquito Vector Production across Socio-Economic Divides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Rebeca de Jesús Crespo, Madison Harrison, Rachel Rogers, and Randy Vaeth

Assessment of risks to listed species from the use of atrazine in the USA: a perspective, Philip N. Smith, Kevin L. Armbrust, Richard A. Brain, Wenlin Chen, Nika Galic, Lula Ghebremichael, Jeffrey M. Giddings, Mark L. Hanson, Jonathan Maul, Glen Van Der Kraak, et al.

Submissions from 2019

Linking Water Quality to Aedes aegypti and Zika in Flood-Prone Neighborhoods, Rebeca de Jesus Crespo

Linking Wetland Ecosystem Services to Vector-borne Disease: Dengue Fever in the San Juan Bay Estuary, Puerto Rico, Rebeca de Jesús Crespo, Pablo Méndez Lázaro, and Susan H. Yee

Flood protection ecosystem services in the coast of Puerto Rico: Associations between extreme weather, flood hazard mitigation and gastrointestinal illness, R. De Jesus Crespo, J. Wu, M. Myer, S. Yee, and R. Fulford

Degradation of Dicloran in Irradiated Water-Sediment Systems, Emily N. Vebrosky, Laura M. Basirico, and Kevin L. Armbrust

Submissions from 2018

Photodegradation of Dicloran in Freshwater and Seawater, Emily N. Vebrosky, Parichehr Saranjampour, Donald G. Crosby, and Kevin L. Armbrust

Submissions from 2017

Eco-Health linkages: assessing the role of ecosystem goods and services on human health using causal criteria analysis, Rebeca de Jesus Crespo and Richard Fulford

Submissions from 2016

Shade tree cover criteria for non-point source pollution control in the Rainforest Alliance coffee certification program:, Rebeca de Jesus Crespo

Submissions from 2014

Acknowledging Trade offs and Understanding Complexity, Rebeca de Jesus Crespo

Submissions from 2011

Effects of urbanization on stream physicochemistry and macroinvertebrate assemblages in a tropical urban watershed in Puerto Rico, Rebeca de Jesus Crespo

The use of a Stream Visual Assessment Protocol to determine ecosystem integrity in an urban watershed in Puerto Rico, Rebeca de Jesus Crespo

Submissions from 2010


Corps decision on state’s emergency permit request, New Orleans District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Submissions from 2009

Urban Streams in Puerto Rico, Rebeca de Jesus Crespo