Pseudoexeirarthra, a new genus from New Zealand (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Pselaphinae), with descriptions of seven new species

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© Jong-Seok Park, Christopher E. Carlton. A new endemic genus and seven new species of New Zealand pselaphine staphylinid beetles of the supertribe Faronitae are described as follows: Pseudoexeirarthra Park & Carlton, gen. n. (type species: Sagola spinifer Broun); P. sungmini Park & Carlton, sp. n.; P. kwangguki Park & Carlton, sp. n.; P. youngboki Park & Carlton, sp. n.; P. seiwoongi Park & Carlton, sp. n.; P. parkeri Park & Carlston, sp. n.; P. hlavaci Park & Carlton, sp. n.; P. nomurai Park & Carlton, sp. n. Three species, S. spinifer Broun, S. colorata Broun, and S. puncticollis Broun, are transferred to the genus Pseudoexeirarthra. Six species are synonymized: S. dilucida Broun, S. guinnessi Broun, S. longicollis Broun, S. longula Broun, and S. rectipennis Broun under P. spinifer (Broun); S. insueta Broun under S. colorata (Broun). A lectotype is designated for P. spinifer (Broun). A key, habitus photographs, line drawings of diagnostic characters, and distribution maps are provided for each species.

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