Optimal Control of Autonomous Vehicles for Non-Stop Signalized Intersection Crossing

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This paper is devoted to the development of an optimal acceleration/speed profile for autonomous vehicles in free flow mode approaching a traffic light without stopping. The design objective is to achieve both short travel time and low energy consumption as well as avoid idling at a red light. This is achieved by taking full advantage of the traffic light information based on infrastructure-to-vehicle communication. The direct adjoining approach is used to solve both free and fixed terminal time optimal control problems subject to state constraints. We show that we can derive a real-time online analytical solution, distinguishing our method from most existing approaches based on numerical calculations. Extensive simulations are executed to compare the performance of autonomous vehicles under the proposed speed profile and human driving vehicles. The results show quantitatively the advantages of the proposed algorithm in terms of energy consumption and travel time.

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Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

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