PMU optimal placement using sensitivity analysis for power systems fault location

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This article presents a novel algorithm to find optimal sets of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) in power systems using measurement sensitivity analysis aiming for fault detection without multi-estimation. The algorithm generalizes the impedance method in fault detection through optimizing PMU utilization in order to detect a fault with desired precision in interconnected power systems. By deriving bus voltage and currents sensitivity indices to the fault location and impedance, possible deviations of the estimated fault location and/or impedance due to measurement noise, accuracy, precision limits, or simply the inability of a measurement point to sense a fault is evaluated. Therefore, the algorithm can solve Optimal PMU Placement (OPP) for desired fault detection precision based on these indices for various points of measurement observing faults in the system. Finally, avoiding multi-estimation guarantees the unique mapping between measurements of the selected PMU sets and faults throughout the system. The proposed algorithm is performed on the IEEE 7-bus and 14-bus benchmark systems and the fault location capability is evaluated through neural networks.

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2015 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference: Smarter Resilient Power Systems, EPEC 2015

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