An on-chip air-bursting detonator for driving fluids on disposable lab-on-a-chip systems

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A new fluidic delivery system for driving fluids on disposable lab-on-a-chip systems using an air-bursting detonator device has been designed, fabricated and successfully characterized in this paper for driving fluid on disposable lab-on-a-chip or point-of-care testing. The disposable air-bursting detonator device uses a pressurized gas source, sealed in a microcavity with a thermoplastic membrane. A microheater positioned on the thermoplastic membrane is used as an electro-thermal heater to melt the sealing membrane thus releasing the pressurized gas to the integrated microfluidic system. The pressurized gas drives liquid samples through designated microfluidic channels. Both air pressure and detonating temperature are adjustable to get the desired driving pressure responses. A 40 mW electrical power pulse applied to the microheater for 700 ms resulted in releasing 650 νJ of stored pneumatic energy in the microcavity and driving a 500 nl sample through the microchannels of an integrated test system. The dynamic pressure response of the fabricated air-bursting detonator has been fully simulated and characterized. Due to its compact structure and fast response, the air-bursting detonator device will be a promising alternative power source to drive fluid samples in disposable lab-on-a-chip systems or portable clinical diagnostic kits. © 2007 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering

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