Reassembling 3D thin shells using integrated template guidance and fracture region matching

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Geometric restoration that composes 3D fragmented pieces into the original complete object is an important computer graphics and geometric processing problem. Automatic and effective restora- Tion has applications in many fields such as archeological recon- struction, digital heritage archiving, forensic evidence processing, to name a few. For example, archaeologists reconstruct ceramic fragments (sherds) into complete pots in order to analyze the infor- mation of the ancient society. Forensic scientists reassemble skull fragments into complete skull for face reconstruction and body i- dentification. In both of these problems we need to solve a compo- sition of digitized thin-shell fragments with different shapes, sizes, and resolutions. This problem remains very challenging.

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ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Posters, SIGGRAPH 2015

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