On-the-fly extrinsic calibration of multimodal sensing system for fast 3D thermographic scanning

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The fusion of three-dimensional (3D) geometrical and two-dimensional (2D) thermal information provides a promising method for characterizing temperature distribution of 3D objects, extending infrared imaging from 2D to 3D to support various thermal inspection applications. In this paper, we present an effective on-the-fly calibration approach for accurate alignment of depth and thermal data to facilitate dynamic and fast-speed 3D thermal scanning tasks. For each pair of depth and thermal frames, we estimate their relative pose by minimizing the objective function that measures the temperature consistency between a 2D infrared image and the reference 3D thermographic model. Our proposed frame-to-model mapping scheme can be seamlessly integrated into a generic 3D thermographic reconstruction framework. Through graphics-processing-unit-based acceleration, our method requires less than 10 ms to generate a pair of well-aligned depth and thermal images without hardware synchronization and improves the robustness of the system against significant camera motion.

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Applied Optics

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