Reactive and Unbalanced Currents Compensation in Three-Phase Asymmetrical Circuits Under Nonsinusoidal Conditions

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This paper is a continuation of Czarnecki [12], where a new power theory of three-phase circuits under nonsinusoidal conditions was suggested. The main topic of this paper is to determine whether the theory suggested may have practical applications that justify the need of measuring quantities introduced in it, particularly, whether it provides a theoretical basis for improving power properties of such circuits. It is shown that the three-phase linear asymmetrical load supplied from a symmetrical source of nonsinusoidal voltage composed of a finite number of harmonics can be converted with a reactance circuit into a symmetrical three-phase circuit of almost unity power factor. The paper shows how such a reactance circuit can be designed and which quantities should be measured for this purpose. © 1989 IEEE

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IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement

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