Non-periodic currents: Their properties, identification and compensation fundamentals

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Before the area of power electronics was developed, non-periodic currents occurred in distribution systems, apart from arc furnaces supply, mainly during switching and faults. Now, such currents are produced at normal operation of some power electronics equipment. Power electronics enables very fast control of processes and energy flow. Non-periodic currents are a by-product of such a fast control. Identification of non-periodic currents and their compensation is the subject of this paper. The paper discusses main properties of non-periodic currents, provides their classification and introduces a concept of coperiodic, non-coperiodic and quasi-periodic currents as well as the concept of interharmonic noise and quasi-harmonics. The paper provides fundamentals of quasi-periodic current compensation and discusses a hybrid control algorithm of a hybrid compensator.

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Proceedings of the IEEE Power Engineering Society Transmission and Distribution Conference

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