Physical phenomena that affect the effectiveness of the energy transfer in electrical systems

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The effectiveness of the energy delivery from its producers to customers is affected by a number of physical phenomena, but the nature of these phenomena is unclear and debated over a century. This debate has resulted in a number of power theories and a great variety of definitions of different power quantities. All of them are mathematically correct but differ as to the interpretation of the physical phenomena which accompany the energy transfer and affect the effectiveness of this transfer. These definitions and physical interpretations affect the method of the power factor improvement and unfortunately, they can cause a compensator malfunction. Presently, the most advanced power theory is based on the Currents' Physical Components (CPC) concept. Results of this theory are used in this paper for a discussion on physical phenomena which affect the effectiveness of the energy transfer in electrical systems.

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Proceedings of the 2019 20th International Scientific Conference on Electric Power Engineering, EPE 2019

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