Flexible-voltage DC-bus operation for reduction of switching losses in all-electric ship power systems

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The multizonal medium voltage dc architecture of all-electric ship shipboard power systems (SPSs) includes a variety of distributed energy resources, energy storage devices, and power electronic voltage source converters. Due to the limited fuel supply and tight space, control of the converters should be aimed at increasing their efficiency and compactness. In this paper, a novel approach to voltage control in all-electric ship power systems is proposed to fulfill these goals. In contrast to the traditional SPSs that emulate the land-based electricity grid, maintaining a steady bus voltage is no longer an objective here. On the contrary, the voltage is compelled to fluctuate in order to minimize switching losses in the converters. A method for calculation of the minimum required dc voltage level is described, and results of computer simulations of an SPS with a flexible-voltage dc bus are presented. The minimum-voltage operation of the system results in a significant efficiency increase. © 2014 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

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