Noncoherent Massive MIMO Detection by Expectation Propagation

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A channel estimation method was recently proposed for multi-cell massive MIMO systems based on the eigenvalue decomposition of the correlation matrix of the received vectors (EVD-based). This algorithm, however, is sensitive to the size of the antenna array as well as the number of samples used in the evaluation of the correlation matrix. In this paper we present a noncoherent channel estimation and symbol detection scheme for multi-cell massive MIMO systems based on expectation propagation (EP). The proposed algorithm is initialized with the channel estimation result from the EVD-based method. Simulation results show that after a few iterations, the EP-based algorithm significantly outperforms the EVD-based method in both channel estimation and symbol error rate. Moreover, the EP-based algorithm is not sensitive to antenna array size or the inaccuracies of sample correlation matrix.

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2017 IEEE Global Communications Conference, GLOBECOM 2017 - Proceedings

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