Submissions from 2022

Laboratory Evaluation of Warm-Mix Asphalt Open-Graded Friction Courses, Hossam Abohamer, Mostafa A. Elseifi, Corey Mayeux, Samuel B. Cooper III, and Samuel Cooper Jr.

Impact of the Great Flood of 2016 on the Asphaltic Concrete Road Infrastructure in Louisiana, Mostafa A. Elseifi, Momen R. Mousa, and Kevin Gaspard

Hyperbolic relaxation technique for solving the dispersive Serre–Green–Naghdi equations with topography, Jean-Luc Guermond, Chris Kees, Bojan Popov, and Eric Tovar


Factors Affecting Driving Cessation of Older Adults and Their Satisfaction with Mobility Options, Hany M. Hassan, Matthew R. Lauzon, Kassandra Byrne, Mark R. Ferguson, Bruce Newbold, Brenda Vrkljan, and Saiedeh Razavi

Simple, accurate, and efficient embedded finite element methods for fluid–solid interaction, Christopher E. Kees, J. Haydel Collins, and Alvin Zhang

Amino acids suppress macropinocytosis and promote release of CSF1 receptor in macrophages, Zachary I. Mendel, Mack B. Reynolds, Basel H. Abuaita, Mary X. O'Riordan, and Joel A. Swanson

The Effect of Porous Media on Wave-Induced Sloshing in a Floating Tank, Wen-Huai Tsao, Ying-Chuan Chen, Christopher E. Kees, and Lance Manuel

Submissions from 2021

Development of Sudan gravity field by combining local and global data, Ahmed Abdalla

Horizontal displacement of control points using GNSS differential positioning and network adjustment, Ahmed Abdalla and Mubarak Mustafa

Development of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network for the Prediction of Pavement Roughness from 3D Images, Hossam Abohamer, Mostafa Elseifi, Nirmal Dhakal, Zhongjie Zhang, and Christophe N. Fillastre

Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium SPI-1 and SPI-2 Shape the Global Transcriptional Landscape in a Human Intestinal Organoid Model System., Basel Abuaita

Comparative transcriptional profiling of the early host response to infection by typhoidal and non-typhoidal Salmonella serovars in human intestinal organoids, Basel H. Abuaita, Sophie Helaine, Anna-Lisa E. Lawrence, Ryan P. Berger, David R. Hill, Sha Huang, Veda K. Yadagiri, Brooke Bons, Courtney Fields, Christiane E. Wobus, et al.

The IRE1α Stress Signaling Axis Is a Key Regulator of Neutrophil Antimicrobial Effector Function, Basel H. Abuaita, Gautam J. Sule, Tracey L. Schultz, Fushan Gao, Jason S. Knight, and Mary X. O’Riordan


Accelerated Controller Tuning for Wind Turbines Under Multiple Hazards, Aly Mousaad Aly and Milad Rezaee

Effect of Pavement Responses on Fatigue Cracking and Cement-Treated Reflective Cracking Failure Mechanisms, Nirmal Dhakal, Mostafa Elseifi, Imad L. Al-Qadi, and Tyson Rupnow

Surface Identification of Top-Down, Bottom-Up, and Cement-Treated Reflective Cracks Using Convolutional Neural Network and Artificial Neural Networks, Nirmal Dhakal, Zia U. A. Zihan, Mostafa A. Elseifi, Momen R. Mousa, Kevin Gaspard, and Christophe N. Fillastre

Exploring the determinants of older adults’ susceptibility to pedestrians’ incidents, Saba Doulabi, Hany M. Hassan, Mark R. Ferguson, Saiedeh Razavi, and Antonio Paez


Aerodynamics, Mofid Gorji-Bandpy and Aly Mousaad Aly

Effect of disaster debris, floodwater pooling duration, and bridge damage on immediate post-tsunami connectivity, Sabarethinam Kameshwar, Hyoungsu Park, Daniel T. Cox, and Andre R. Barbosa


Modeled changes in source contributions of particulate matter during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Yangtze River Delta, China, Jinlong Ma, Juanyong Shen, Peng Wang, Shengqiang Zhu, Yu Wang, Pengfei Wang, Gehui Wang, Jianmin Chen, and Hongliang Zhang

Optimizing the Cost-Effectiveness and Time of Application of Microsurfacing, Momen R. Mousa, Mostafa A. Elseifi, Mohammed Z. Bashar, Zhongjie Zhang, and Kevin Gaspard

A deep learning based traffic crash severity prediction framework, Adilur Rahim and Hany M. Hassan

Lagrangian vs. Eulerian: An Analysis of Two Solution Methods for Free-Surface Flows and Fluid Solid Interaction Problems, Milad Rakhsha, Christopher E. Kees, and Dan Negrut

Endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor IRE1α propels neutrophil hyperactivity in lupus, Gautam Sule, Basel H. Abuaita, Paul A. Steffes, Andrew T. Fernandes, Shanea K. Estes, Craig Dobry, Deepika Pandian, Johann E. Gudjonsson, J. Michelle Kahlenberg, Mary X. O’Riordan, et al.

Road transportation network hazard sustainability and resilience: correlations and comparisons, Navya Vishnu, Sabarethinam Kameshwar, and Jamie E. Padgett


Enhanced atmospheric oxidation capacity and associated ozone increases during COVID-19 lockdown in the Yangtze River Delta, Yu Wang, Shengqiang Zhu, Jinlong Ma, Juanyong Shen, Pengfei Wang, Peng Wang, and Hongliang Zhang

Submissions from 2020

The Mitochondrial Fission Regulator DRP1 Controls Post-Transcriptional Regulation of TNF-α., Basel Abuaita


Peak pressures on low rise buildings: CFD with LES versus full scale and wind tunnel measurements, Aly Mousaad Aly and Hamzeh Gol-Zaroudi


Over Height Impact Avoidance and Incident Detection System, Suvash Chapain and Aly Mousaad Aly

Characterization of the 2008 Phreatomagmatic Eruption of Okmok From ArcticDEM and InSAR: Deposition, Erosion, and Deformation, Chunli Dai, Ian M. Howat, Jeffrey T. Freymueller, Saurabh Vijay, and Yuanyuan Jia

Decision tree based bridge restoration models for extreme event performance assessment of regional road networks, Sabarethinam Kameshwar, Sushreyo Misra, and Jamie E. Padgett

An unstructured finite element model for incompressible two‐phase flow based on a monolithic conservative level set method, Manuel Luna, J. Haydel Collins, and Christopher E. Kees


Traffic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Statewide Analysis of Social Separation and Activity Restriction, Scott Parr, Brian Wolshon, John Renne, Pamela Murray-Tuite, and Karl Kim


Conceptual Study of a Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Framework for Monopile Offshore Wind Turbines Under Wind and Wave Loads, Wei Song, Chao Sun, Yanhui Zuo, Vahid Jahangiri, Yan Lu, and Qinghua Han


Severe Air Pollution Events Not Avoided By Reduced Anthropogenic Activities During Covid-19 Outbreak, P F. Wang, K Y. Chen, S Q. Zhu, P Wang, and P F. Wang

Asphalt Concrete Stripping Detection Using Deflection Measurements from Traffic Speed Deflection Devices, Zia U. A. Zihan, Mostafa A. Elseifi, Kevin Gaspard, and Zhongjie Zhang

Submissions from 2019

Preconditioners for Two-Phase Incompressible Navier--Stokes Flow, Niall Bootland, Alistair Bentley, Christopher Kees, and Andrew Wathen

Simulating Oscillatory and Sliding Displacements of Caisson Breakwaters Using a Coupled Approach, G. Cozzuto, A. Dimakopoulos, T. De Lataillade, P.O. Morillas, and C.E. Kees

Coastline extraction from repeat high resolution satellite imagery, Chunli Dai, Ian M. Howat, Eric Larour, and Erik Husby

A monolithic conservative level set method with built-in redistancing, Manuel Quezada de Luna, Dmitri Kuzmin, and Christopher E. Kees

Fast random wave generation in numerical tanks, Aggelos S. Dimakopoulos, Tristan de Lataillade, and Chris E. Kees

Prospects for Imaging Terrestrial Water Storage in South America Using Daily GPS Observations, Vagner Ferreira, Christopher E. Ndehedehe, Henry Montecino, Bin Yong, Peng Yuan, Ahmed Abdalla, and Abubakar S. Mohammed

Probabilistic decision-support framework for community resilience: Incorporating multi-hazards, infrastructure interdependencies, and resilience goals in a Bayesian network, Sabarethinam Kameshwar, Daniel T. Cox, Andre R. Barbosa, Karim Farokhnia, Hyoungsu Park, Mohammad S. Alam, and John W. van de Lindt

Stiffening Ring Design for Prevention of Storm-Surge Buckling in Aboveground Storage Tanks, Sabarethinam Kameshwar and Jamie E. Padgett

A partition of unity approach to adaptivity and limiting in continuous finite element methods, D. Kuzmin, M. Quezada de Luna, and C.E. Kees

Computational model for wave attenuation by flexible vegetation, S.A. Mattis, C.E. Kees, M.V. Wei, A. Dimakopoulos, and C.N. Dawson

Development of Tree-Based Algorithm for Prediction of Field Performance of Asphalt Concrete Overlays, Momen Mousa, Mostafa A. Elseifi, and Ahmed Abdel-Khalek

Cost Effectiveness and Optimal Timing of Crack Sealing in Asphalt Concrete Overlays, Momen R. Mousa, Mostafa A. Elseifi, Mohammed Z. Bashar, Zhongjie Zhang, Kevin Gaspard, and Ken Free

Submissions from 2018

Mitochondria-Derived Vesicles Deliver Antimicrobial Reactive Oxygen Species to Control Phagosome-Localized Staphylococcus aureus., Basel Abuaita


Toward Building Resilient, Sustainable, and Smart Infrastructure in the 21st Century, Aly Mousaad Aly


Wind Engineering for Natural Hazards - Modeling, Simulation, and Mitigation of Windstorm Impact on Critical Infrastructure, Aly Mousaad Aly

Estimating River Surface Elevation From ArcticDEM, C. Dai, M. Durand, I.M. Howat, E.H. Altenau, and T.M. Pavelsky

Detection of Saturation in High-Resolution Pushbroom Satellite Imagery, C. Dai and I.M. Howat

The effect of Earth's oblateness on the seismic moment estimation from satellite gravimetry, Chunli Dai, Junyi Guo, Kun Shang, C K. Shum, and Rongjiang Wang

Well-Balanced Second-Order Finite Element Approximation of the Shallow Water Equations with Friction, Jean-Luc Guermond, Manuel Quezada de Luna, Bojan Popov, Christopher E. Kees, and Matthew W. Farthing

Effect of vehicle bridge interaction on seismic response and fragility of bridges, Sabarethinam Kameshwar and Jamie E. Padgett

Fragility and Resilience Indicators for Portfolio of Oil Storage Tanks Subjected to Hurricanes, Sabarethinam Kameshwar and Jamie E. Padgett

Response and fragility assessment of bridge columns subjected to barge-bridge collision and scour, Sabarethinam Kameshwar and Jamie E. Padgett

Thermodynamically constrained averaging theory: Principles, model hierarchies, and deviation kinetic energy extensions, C.T. Miller, W.G. Gray, and C.E. Kees

Dual-scale Galerkin methods for Darcy flow, G. Wang, G. Scovazzi, L. Nouveau, C.E. Kees, S. Rossi, O. Colomés, and A. Main

Submissions from 2017

Measuring Lava Flows with ArcticDEM: Application to the 2012-2013 Eruption of Tolbachik, Kamchatka, Chunli Dai and Ian M. Howat

Modelling fully coupled fluid structure interaction using the computational toolkit Proteus, A. Dimakopoulos, G. Cozzuto, T. De Lataillade, C. Kees, J. Alderson, and S. Richardson

Characterizing and Predicting Seismic Repair Costs for Bridges, S. Kameshwar and J.E. Padgett

Evaluation of Galerkin and Petrov–Galerkin model reduction for finite element approximations of the shallow water equations, A. Lozovskiy, M. Farthing, and C. Kees

Submissions from 2016

Augmentation of vertical accuracy of digital elevation models using Gaussian linear convolution filter, A. Abdalla and A.-E. Elmahal

Utilisation of Fast Fourier Transform and Least-squares Modification of Stokes formula to compile a gravimetric geoid model over Khartoum State: Sudan, Ahmed Abdalla and Chris Green

Improved source parameter constraints for five undersea earthquakes from north component of GRACE gravity and gravity gradient change measurements, C. Dai, C.K. Shum, J. Guo, K. Shang, B. Tapley, and R. Wang

Projection-based model reduction for finite element approximation of shallow water flows, M. Farthing, A. Lozovskiy, and C. Kees

Effect of vehicle-bridge interaction on bridge seismic response, S. Kameshwar and J.E. Padgett

POD-based model reduction for stabilized finite element approximations of shallow water flows, A. Lozovskiy, M. Farthing, C. Kees, and E. Gildin

Groundwater modeling, C.T. Miller, M.W. Farthing, C.E. Kees, A.L. Dye, T.M. Weigand, P.B. Schultz, and D. Adalsteinsson

Supporting life cycle management of bridges through multi-hazard reliability and risk assessment, J.E. Padgett and S. Kameshwar

Quantification of glacier depletion in the central Tibetan Plateau by using integrated satellite remote sensing and gravimetry, K.-H. Tseng, K.T. Liu, C.K. Shum, Y. Jia, K. Shang, and C. Dai

Submissions from 2015

Implementation of a rigorous least-squares modification of stokes’ formula to compute a gravimetric geoid model over saudi arabia (Sageo13), A. Abdalla and S. Mogren

Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Activates the Inflammasome via NLRP3- and Caspase-2-Driven Mitochondrial Damage., Basel Abuaita

The Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Sensor Inositol-Requiring Enzyme 1α Augments Bacterial Killing through Sustained Oxidant Production., Basel Abuaita

Model reduction for shallow water flows, M. Farthing, C. Kees, and A. Lozovskiy

Assessing the Effectiveness of Stiffener Rings in Mitigating the Surge Buckling Fragility of Above-Ground Storage Tanks, S. Kameshwar and J.E. Padgett

Fragility assessment of above ground petroleum storage tanks under storm surge, S. Kameshwar and J.E. Padgett

An immersed structure approach for fluid-vegetation interaction, S.A. Mattis, C.N. Dawson, C.E. Kees, and M.W. Farthing

GRACE time-variable gravity field recovery using an improved energy balance approach, K. Shang, J. Guo, C.K. Shum, C. Dai, and J. Luo

Submissions from 2014

The Integral-Equation-Based Approaches for Modelling the Local Gravity Field in the Remove--Restore Scheme, Ahmed Abdalla

The Integral-Equation-Based Approaches for Modelling the Local Gravity Field in the Remove-Restore Scheme, A. Abdalla and R. Tenzer

The integral-equation-based approaches for modelling the local gravity field in the remove–restore scheme, A. Abdalla and R. Tenzer

Listeria exploits damage and death to spread bad news., Basel Abuaita

Improved constraints on seismic source parameters of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake from GRACE gravity and gravity gradient changes, C. Dai, C.K. Shum, R. Wang, L. Wang, J. Guo, K. Shang, and B. Tapley

Multi-hazard risk assessment of highway bridges subjected to earthquake and hurricane hazards, Sabarethinam Kameshwar

Multi-hazard reliability analysis of bridges based upon damage indices, S. Kameshwar and J.E. Padgett

Towards risk-based, multi-hazard-resistant design of bridges, S. Kameshwar and J.E. Padgett

Submissions from 2013

The Combined Modelling of the Regional Quasigeoid of New Zealand Using Gravity and GPS-levelling Data, Ahmed Abdalla

Zebrafish as a natural host model for Vibrio cholerae colonization and transmission., Basel Abuaita

Two-phase flow modeling of the influence of wave shapes and bed slope on nearshore hydrodynamics, R. Bakhtyar, A.M. Razmi, D.A. Barry, C.E. Kees, A. Yeganeh-Bakhtiary, and C.T. Miller

A technique to improve the accuracy of Earth orientation prediction algorithms based on least squares extrapolation, J.Y. Guo, Y.B. Li, C.L. Dai, and C.K. Shum

Numerical simulation of water resources problems: Models, methods, and trends, C.T. Miller, C.N. Dawson, M.W. Farthing, T.Y. Hou, J. Huang, C.E. Kees, C.T. Kelley, and H.P. Langtangen

Finite element methods for variable density flow and solute transport, T.J. Povich, C.N. Dawson, M.W. Farthing, and C.E. Kees

Analysis of a relative offset between vertical datums at the North and South Islands of New Zealand, R. Tenzer, N. Dayoub, and A. Abdalla

Submissions from 2012

Validation of recent GOCE/GRACE geopotential models over Khartoum state - Sudan, A. Abdalla, H. H. Fashir, A. Ali, and D. Fairhead

Validation of recent GOCE/GRACE geopotential models over Khartoum state-Sudan, Ahmed Abdalla, Hassan Fashir, Abobakr Ali, and Derek Fairhead

The global geopotential and regional gravimetric geoid/quasigeoid models testing using the newly adjusted levelling dataset for New Zealand, Ahmed Abdalla and Robert Tenzer

Compilation of the regional quasigeoid model for New Zealand using the discretised integral-equation approach, A Abdalla and R Tenzer