Submissions from 2022


Factors Affecting Driving Cessation of Older Adults and Their Satisfaction with Mobility Options, Hany M. Hassan, Matthew R. Lauzon, Kassandra Byrne, Mark R. Ferguson, Bruce Newbold, Brenda Vrkljan, and Saiedeh Razavi

Amino acids suppress macropinocytosis and promote release of CSF1 receptor in macrophages, Zachary I. Mendel, Mack B. Reynolds, Basel H. Abuaita, Mary X. O'Riordan, and Joel A. Swanson

Submissions from 2021

Development of Sudan gravity field by combining local and global data, Ahmed Abdalla

Horizontal displacement of control points using GNSS differential positioning and network adjustment, Ahmed Abdalla and Mubarak Mustafa

Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium SPI-1 and SPI-2 Shape the Global Transcriptional Landscape in a Human Intestinal Organoid Model System., Basel Abuaita

Comparative transcriptional profiling of the early host response to infection by typhoidal and non-typhoidal Salmonella serovars in human intestinal organoids, Basel H. Abuaita, Sophie Helaine, Anna-Lisa E. Lawrence, Ryan P. Berger, David R. Hill, Sha Huang, Veda K. Yadagiri, Brooke Bons, Courtney Fields, Christiane E. Wobus, et al.

The IRE1α Stress Signaling Axis Is a Key Regulator of Neutrophil Antimicrobial Effector Function, Basel H. Abuaita, Gautam J. Sule, Tracey L. Schultz, Fushan Gao, Jason S. Knight, and Mary X. O’Riordan


Accelerated Controller Tuning for Wind Turbines Under Multiple Hazards, Aly Mousaad Aly and Milad Rezaee


Aerodynamics, Mofid Gorji-Bandpy and Aly Mousaad Aly


Modeled changes in source contributions of particulate matter during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Yangtze River Delta, China, Jinlong Ma, Juanyong Shen, Peng Wang, Shengqiang Zhu, Yu Wang, Pengfei Wang, Gehui Wang, Jianmin Chen, and Hongliang Zhang

Endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor IRE1α propels neutrophil hyperactivity in lupus, Gautam Sule, Basel H. Abuaita, Paul A. Steffes, Andrew T. Fernandes, Shanea K. Estes, Craig Dobry, Deepika Pandian, Johann E. Gudjonsson, J. Michelle Kahlenberg, Mary X. O’Riordan, et al.


Enhanced atmospheric oxidation capacity and associated ozone increases during COVID-19 lockdown in the Yangtze River Delta, Yu Wang, Shengqiang Zhu, Jinlong Ma, Juanyong Shen, Pengfei Wang, Peng Wang, and Hongliang Zhang

Submissions from 2020

The Mitochondrial Fission Regulator DRP1 Controls Post-Transcriptional Regulation of TNF-α., Basel Abuaita


Peak pressures on low rise buildings: CFD with LES versus full scale and wind tunnel measurements, Aly Mousaad Aly and Hamzeh Gol-Zaroudi


Over Height Impact Avoidance and Incident Detection System, Suvash Chapain and Aly Mousaad Aly


Traffic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Statewide Analysis of Social Separation and Activity Restriction, Scott Parr, Brian Wolshon, John Renne, Pamela Murray-Tuite, and Karl Kim


Conceptual Study of a Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Framework for Monopile Offshore Wind Turbines Under Wind and Wave Loads, Wei Song, Chao Sun, Yanhui Zuo, Vahid Jahangiri, Yan Lu, and Qinghua Han


Severe Air Pollution Events Not Avoided By Reduced Anthropogenic Activities During Covid-19 Outbreak, P F. Wang, K Y. Chen, S Q. Zhu, P Wang, and P F. Wang

Submissions from 2019

Prospects for Imaging Terrestrial Water Storage in South America Using Daily GPS Observations, Vagner Ferreira, Christopher E. Ndehedehe, Henry Montecino, Bin Yong, Peng Yuan, Ahmed Abdalla, and Abubakar S. Mohammed

Submissions from 2018

Mitochondria-Derived Vesicles Deliver Antimicrobial Reactive Oxygen Species to Control Phagosome-Localized Staphylococcus aureus., Basel Abuaita


Toward Building Resilient, Sustainable, and Smart Infrastructure in the 21st Century, Aly Mousaad Aly


Wind Engineering for Natural Hazards - Modeling, Simulation, and Mitigation of Windstorm Impact on Critical Infrastructure, Aly Mousaad Aly

Submissions from 2016

Augmentation of vertical accuracy of digital elevation models using Gaussian linear convolution filter, A. Abdalla and A.-E. Elmahal

Utilisation of Fast Fourier Transform and Least-squares Modification of Stokes formula to compile a gravimetric geoid model over Khartoum State: Sudan, Ahmed Abdalla and Chris Green

Submissions from 2015

Implementation of a rigorous least-squares modification of stokes’ formula to compute a gravimetric geoid model over saudi arabia (Sageo13), A. Abdalla and S. Mogren

Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Activates the Inflammasome via NLRP3- and Caspase-2-Driven Mitochondrial Damage., Basel Abuaita

The Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Sensor Inositol-Requiring Enzyme 1α Augments Bacterial Killing through Sustained Oxidant Production., Basel Abuaita

Submissions from 2014

The Integral-Equation-Based Approaches for Modelling the Local Gravity Field in the Remove--Restore Scheme, Ahmed Abdalla

The Integral-Equation-Based Approaches for Modelling the Local Gravity Field in the Remove-Restore Scheme, A. Abdalla and R. Tenzer

The integral-equation-based approaches for modelling the local gravity field in the remove–restore scheme, A. Abdalla and R. Tenzer

Listeria exploits damage and death to spread bad news., Basel Abuaita

Submissions from 2013

The Combined Modelling of the Regional Quasigeoid of New Zealand Using Gravity and GPS-levelling Data, Ahmed Abdalla

Zebrafish as a natural host model for Vibrio cholerae colonization and transmission., Basel Abuaita

Analysis of a relative offset between vertical datums at the North and South Islands of New Zealand, R. Tenzer, N. Dayoub, and A. Abdalla

Submissions from 2012

Validation of recent GOCE/GRACE geopotential models over Khartoum state - Sudan, A. Abdalla, H. H. Fashir, A. Ali, and D. Fairhead

Validation of recent GOCE/GRACE geopotential models over Khartoum state-Sudan, Ahmed Abdalla, Hassan Fashir, Abobakr Ali, and Derek Fairhead

The global geopotential and regional gravimetric geoid/quasigeoid models testing using the newly adjusted levelling dataset for New Zealand, Ahmed Abdalla and Robert Tenzer

Compilation of the regional quasigeoid model for New Zealand using the discretised integral-equation approach, A Abdalla and R Tenzer

The global geopotential and regional gravimetric geoid/quasigeoid models testing using the newly adjusted levelling dataset for New Zealand, A. Abdalla and R. Tenzer

Application of the BEM approach for a determination of the regional marine geoid model and the mean dynamic topography in the Southwest Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea, R Tenzer, R Čunderl\́ık, N Dayoub, and A Abdalla

Submissions from 2011

A new gravimetric geoid model for Sudan using the KTH method, A. Abdalla and D. Fairhead

The evaluation of the New Zealand's geoid model using the KTH method, A. Abdalla and R. Tenzer

Termination of Vibrio cholerae virulence gene expression is mediated by proteolysis of the major virulence activator, ToxT., Basel Abuaita

Far-zone gravity field contributions corrected for the effect of topography by means of Molodensky's truncation coefficients, R. Tenzer, P. Novák, P. Vajda, A. Ellmann, and A. Abdalla

Combined approach for the unification of levelling networks in New Zealand, Robert Tenzer, Viliam Vatrt, Luzi Gan, Ahmed Abdalla, and Nadim Dayoub

Assessment of the LVD offsets for the normal-orthometric heights and different permanent tide systems - A case study of New Zealand, R. Tenzer, V. Vatrt, A. Abdalla, and N. Dayoub

Submissions from 2010

Genetic screening for bacterial mutants in liquid growth media by fluorescence-activated cell sorting., Basel Abuaita

The quasigeoid modelling in New Zealand using the boundary element method, R. Čunderlík, R. Tenzer, A. Abdalla, and K. Mikula

The spherical harmonic representation of the gravitational field quantities generated by the ice density contrast, R. Tenzer, A. Abdalla, P. Vajda, and Hamayun

Submissions from 2009

Determination of a gravimetric geoid model of Sudan using the KTH method, Ahmed Abdalla

Bicarbonate Induces Vibrio cholerae virulence gene expression by enhancing ToxT activity., Basel Abuaita

Submissions from 2008

Simple inhibitors of histone deacetylase activity that combine features of short-chain fatty acid and hydroxamic acid inhibitors., Basel Abuaita