Tomography at the Louisiana state university CAMD synchrotron: Applications to polymer blends

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A tomography beamline has been built recently at the LSU CAMD synchrotron. The instrument consists of a Linux/LabVIEW-controlled CCD and Macintosh/LabVIEW controlled positioning stages. The two computers communicate via LabVIEW/TCP/IP. A Macintosh G4/Linux cluster has been installed for the purpose of on-site reconstruction. Instrument alignment and reconstruction programs are written in LabView, Matlab, and IDL. Applications to date are many. The blending of flame retardants (brominated aromatics, phosphates, and antimony oxide) in high-impact polystyrene is being studied with tomography; this work complements solid-state 81Br NMR. Also, several biological samples are to be studied as part of a multi-investigator project on biological visualization and computational studies. This project gives the tomography workers close access to an ImmersaDesk R2 and other computational resources.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

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