Highly efficient protein capture and enzyme reactor beds based on ultra-high-aspect- Ratio nanostructures (uharns)

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Demonstrated here is a unique, and previously unreported, template-assisted polymerization pattern transfer method for the tailor-made fabrication of ultra-high-aspect-ratio (up to 1600:1) nanostructures (nanopillars) integrated into polymer-based MEMS devices. UHARN pillars are readily surface modified with proteins and aptamers via resist-free patterning methods to afford enzyme reactors and protein capture beds with unprecedented surface-to-volume ratios (from 1 × 104 cm-1 to up to 6 × 104 cm-1 versus ∼500 for open channels), resulting in rapid enzyme consumption of substrates and high efficiency capture of target analytes. Copyright © 2005 by the Transducer Research Foundation, Inc.

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Micro Total Analysis Systems - Proceedings of MicroTAS 2005 Conference: 9th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences

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