μ2-m-xylylenebis(salicylaldiminato)-bis-(η4-1, 5-cyclooctadiene)dirhodium(I) dichloromethane solvate

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In the title solvate, [Rh2(C22H18N 2O2)(C8H12)2]CH 2Cl2, each organometallic molecule is composed of two RhI cations, the tetradentate dianion α,α′- bis(salicylaldiminato)-m-xylene and two 1,5-cyclooctadiene (COD) ligands. Each RhI atom is coordinated by one O atom [Rh - O = 2.044 (2) and 2.026 (2) Å], one N atom [Rh - N = 2.083 (2) and 2.090 (2) Å], and one COD ligand via two η2 -bonds, each directed toward the mid-point of a C=C bond (Cg): Rh - Cg = 2.007 (2), 2.013 (2), 2.000 (2) and 2.021 (2) Å. Each Rh I atom has a quasi-square-planar coordination geometry, with average r.m.s. deviations of 0.159 (1) and 0.204 (1) Å from the mean planes defined by Rh and the termini of its four coordinating bonds. The two COD ligands have quasi-C2 symmetry, twisted from ideal C 2v symmetry by 30.0 (3) and - 33.1 (3)°, and are quasi-enantiomers of one another. The intramolecular Rh··· Rh distance of 5.9432 (3) Å suggests that there is no direct metal-metal interaction.

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Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online

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