Neutron imaging of laser melted SS316 test objects with spatially resolved small angle neutron scattering

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© 2017 by the authors. A novel neutron far field interferometer is explored for sub-micron porosity detection in laser sintered stainless steel alloy 316 (SS316) test objects. The results shown are images and volumes of the first quantitative neutron dark-field tomography at various autocorrelation lengths, x. In this preliminary work, the beam defining slits were adjusted to an uncalibrated opening of 0.5 mm horizontal and 5 cm vertical; the images are blurred along the vertical direction. In spite of the blurred attenuation images, the dark-field images reveal structural information at the micron-scale. The topics explored include: the accessible size range of defects, potentially 338 nm to 4.5 μm, that can be imaged with the small angle scattering images; the spatial resolution of the attenuation image; the maximum sample dimensions compatible with interferometry optics and neutron attenuation; the procedure for reduction of the raw interferogram images into attenuation, differential phase contrast, and small angle scattering (dark-field) images; and the role of neutron far field interferometry in additive manufacturing to assess sub-micron porosity.

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Journal of Imaging

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