Jet-cooled naphthalene. I. Absorption spectra and line profiles

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Fluorescence excitation spectra have been recorded for the first 6000 cm-1 of the ultraviolet spectrum of h8- and d8-naphthalene cooled in a supersonic free jet. Measured profiles of vibronic bands in these spectra display a monotonically increasing width as a function of vibrational energy (Ev) in the excited electronic state. The high fluorescence quantum yield and relatively constant fluorescence lifetimes in these spectral regions require the measured line broadening to be assigned to intramolecular vibrational relaxation (IVR) within the excited electronic state. The rate of this IVR process as measured by the width of the broadened profiles increases smoothly from 9 × 1010 sec-1 at Ev = 3068 cm-1 to 7 × 1011 sec-1 at Ev = 5200 cm-1 for h8-naphthalene. Line profiles of d8-naphthalene in this same spectral region are found to be ∼50% wider. © 1980 American Institute of Physics.

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The Journal of Chemical Physics

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