Monitoring electroosmotic flow by periodic photobleaching of a dilute, neutral fluorophore

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Electroosmotic flow has been monitored in a capillary using a method based on periodic photobleaching of a neutral, fluorescent buffer additive. Rhodamine B was determined to be neutral between pH 6.0 and 10.8 and was added to the running buffer at a concentration of 400 nM. Rhodamine B was photobleached by opening a shutter under computer control for 250 ms every 5.00 s, to expose the dye to a laser beam and create a photobleached zone. The time was measured for the photobleached zone to migrate 6.13 mm to a downstream laser-induced fluorescence detector, to determine the rate of electroosmotic flow in the entire capillary. The flow rate was sampled every 5.00 s, and the precision of the flow measurements was 0.7% or better. Three fluorescent compounds were separated and detected by capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection, while simultaneously monitoring the electroosmotic flow rate.

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Analytical Chemistry

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