Multiple Solvent Extraction System with Flow Injection Technology

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A three-stage extraction procedure for the Isolation of polycyclic aromatic compounds from complicated sample matrices has been automated by use of flow injection technology. Three single-step liquid-liquid extractions are linked together by multichannel pumping and resampling. In addition to the multiple extraction capability, the system demonstrates two other novel features. First, both Teflon and glass extraction coils are used to minimize sample carryover and memory effects. Second, microprocessor-controlled pneumatically actuated valves control sample injection and effluent concentration. The performance of the system is evaluated by high-performance liquid chromatography and video fluorometric analyses of both automated and manually performed extractions of a crude oil-ash residue sample. The threeextraction system Is rapid, reproducible, and quantitative as compared to an Identical manual procedure. © 1982, American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

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Analytical Chemistry

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