Survey of polynuclear aromatic compounds in oil refining areas

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Air samples in and around refinery areas were collected over a 3-year period. The results of the analysis for polynuclear aromatic compounds listed as priority pollutants by the United States Environmental Protection Agency are presented. The particulate matters in the air were collected on glass fiber filters using high volume samplers. These samples were later Soxhlet extracted with cyclohexane, and then extracted with DMSO/pentane for isolation of the polynuclear aromatic compounds. These extracts were then analyzed using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for specified polynuclear aromatic compounds. It was found that much higher concentrations of these aromatic compounds were found in one refinery compared to another one. In general, the number of these priority pollutants detected and their concentrations were higher in sites inside the refineries relative to a site outside the refineries. © 1987.

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Environmental Pollution

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